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Social media is everywhere, and it's your chance to be the voice of your brand. We advise people on social media and PR and develop strategies for your needs. As a full-service provider, our team of experts works with you to develop individual concepts for your requirements - whether you're a company or an athlete! We advise you on the best approach to take to build a strong presence in the internet world.

your life!



We'll do a deep dive into your past activities to establish a baseline.


Together with you, we develop the perfect social media strategy and your appearance on the various channels.


We work on your entire external image and create a (digital / offline) communication strategy for you.


love editorial plans and creative campaigns. Your content benefits from our detailed analyses of target groups and needs.

We advise athletes in the area of social media and PR. We have a team of experts for your needs - whether company or athlete - we develop individual concepts & strategies for your requirements.

Community Management

We take care of your community. The constant exchange with your fans is the key to the retention of your followers and the expansion of your popularity.


We sharpen your visual and content profile and develop a brand for your content, exciting collaborations and sponsorships.

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We advise your company on all issues related to social media, performance and influencer marketing, as well as the establishment of social media departments.

Our team of experts has years of experience with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Xing and LinkedIN. Whether content, product launches, performance solutions or the perfect influencer strategy - we have the right team for your needs.


Whether Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube - content determines the attractiveness and sales of your products. We help you create your perfect content strategy. We create the content, build a customized editorial plan and, if you wish, also take care of uploading your postings.

Influencer Marketing

You want to bring your company and products to the digital forefront through selected influencers? We work with the right tools and find the right influencers for you. Years of experience and a large network help your company on the selected channels.

Performance Marketing

Ads, Google Analytics, SEO and SEA are foreign words to you? No problem! We have experts in our team who will support you and your company in the performance area.


You want to set up your own social media department? But you lack the strategy for recruiting and the time afterwards? No problem, we build up the department together with you and take care of the strategy, the channels and find the right employees together with you.

You only have
one career...


Testimonial / Brand ambassador

We bring brands together with extraordinary personalities. We have more than 15 years of experience and a national and international network.

We help your company select the right brand ambassadors through scientifically based market research, take over the entire negotiation process if desired, support you in the legal drafting of contracts and develop creative activation and implementation concepts. Always with a focus on you and your brand.

Public Relations (PR) for personalities

One wrong sentence in an interview can, in extreme cases, mean the end of a promising career. On the other hand, the right sentence in the right place can be the beginning of a successful career.

We help you to recognize these situations, possibly even create them for yourself and be optimally prepared at the right moment. There are a few crucial moments in a career, we help you to make the most of them.

Management for personalities

There are many paths for your career, we find the best one for you individually and accompany you. Because every personality is different, just as every career path is different. With us, you can draw on a pool of experts for every area, who will support you individually and develop the optimal strategy for your career together.


We help you find the right advertising partnerships for you. Our marketing team has more than 10 years of marketing experience and a large network of advertising companies.

...we help you to make the most of it. We advise you individually, tailored to your personal career situation and your goals!

We have years of management and marketing experience and bring you together with the right partners, brands and companies.

We make you

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To boost your visibility, we have a team of designers, photographers and videographers in addition to our marketing team for corporate design, branding, web design, logo design and content creation.

No matter if online or offline: We conceive and realize individual design, photo - and video concepts for your digital and also analog appearance and your products.

Corporate & Branding

The corporate design and branding of a company describes the big picture. This includes the entire visual, content-related and strategic conception and realization of a company.
This includes logo, color and font concepts, graphic elements such as icons, visual languages, social media graphics or branding materials such as business cards, letterheads or invoice layouts.

Logo design & concept

Nowadays, a logo stands for much more than just the identification of a company. Logos can now be seen everywhere. Whether on social media, events, coffee mugs or even outdoor advertising. The list is long and getting longer.
That's why we deal not only with the design but also with the entire conception and implementation of your logo. Starting with the idea, to the alignment and finally to the final end result.

Webdesign & realization

Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine life without websites. They are part of everyday life. No matter if mobile on the cell phone or stationary on the desktop.
Therefore, we also deal with the entire planning, design, implementation, implementation of content and the additional and ongoing maintenance of your website.

Content production

Through our versatile field of activity, we convey messages not only in the form of corporate designs, brandings, logos or websites.
In addition, it is the images and content we produce that strengthen the awareness and visual factor of your presence. This includes the production and execution of photo and video shoots, the realization of product photos and videos or the graphic creation of key visuals and artwork.

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The SBE Group consists of experts for every field.
Not just one head - but many heads for a better result! #TeamSBE

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